Bijoux-Accessoires - Belt Rajasthan

Belt Rajasthan

Price : 150.00€

Size : XL / M / L
Postage France : 8.00€
Postage Europe : 10.00€
Postage outside Europe: 15.00€


Belt which is worn on the hips, and giving very different looks as it is
worn on a dress or jeans.
Wide on the sides, scattered with silver metal chains, médailles and pearls.
It is not possible to give an exact coloration for the parts which are in
vintage fabric, but a dominant color.
The model is in Denim and Embroidery Fabric


Front lenght: 7 cm
Back length: 9 cm
Length sides: 18 cm


Denim and in crochet


Pressions sur le Devant
The "Esprit de voyages" jewellery creations are realized with ancient pearls found in antique shops, magnificent stones that Michèlangély fashion designer bring back from Jaïpur, delicate embroideries made with precious pearls.
The medallions and chains are in silver, bronze and metal galvanized in order not to get spoilt in contact with skin and to make it last.
The jewellery «Esprit de Voyages » can match beautifully with the clothes «Esprit de Voyages ». They are well suited.